Gain The Skills You Need To Get A JOB!


 Looking for employment? Do you have the right skills to be hired?

  A common barrier to obtaining a better job, or even getting hired to begin with, is a lack of marketable skills. Now is  
  a great time to learn the basics of business and give yourself an edge in a crowded field of job applicants.

  The Job Skills Training School, as affiliated with the Real Estate School of South Carolina, offers both classroom and
  online courses in the following areas:

Computer Skills

Business Skills

  These courses may be taken only by clicking on the link at the top of the page called "Our Products."

  The Job Skills Training School is owned and operated by experienced professionals who have been training people
  just like you to be successful for over 32 years. As small business owners, we understand the importance of finding
  and hiring qualified employees. As training experts, we understand how adults learn and tailor our educational
  programs to meet your needs.

  The job training courses are both affordable and easy to understand. A thorough base of knowledge is provided for
  those who are beginning users of computers and software. Advanced users can benefit from the more detailed
  treatments of each topic that are available as upper level courses. Students receive a Certificate of Completion at the
  end of each classroom course, certifying the hours earned.

  Please take a look at the job training courses available through the Job Skills Training School. Take this chance to
  jump start your future today!

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